Welcome to THE source for information on the yurts available in Utah

Until came along there was not a complete source that would direct you to the yurts around Utah. Whether you snowshoe, split board, cross-country ski, snowmobile, or backcountry ski, you've found your resource for all Utah’s “backcountry motels." Click "The Yurts" tab for a list of yurts and site locator on the state map. Enjoy!! If you know of yurts I’ve missed, or if you have feedback on the site, please drop me a line.

All the yurts listed are owned and managed by companies or individuals. Maps have not been provided because you must first contact the correct company to make reservations for the yurt you wish to use. At the time of reservation you will be provided with all the information/maps you need to find the yurt and open it. Do us a favor and let the yurt owners know that you found information on them on—it's a backcountry community and we are all working together. Have a great winter in the backcountry—and be safe!

Listen to KSL Radio's January 11, 2020 interview with Lori Lee about Yurts of Utah